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Ours is the symbol for radical self love. For living out loud. 

It is about having the courage and confidence - the boldness - to live your life the way you want to live it. Regardless of social pressure or expectations. CitizenRad is a way of life. A state of mind. It is for those of us who choose to break from traditional constraints and explore our identity.

CitizenRad, the brand that challenges you to find your truth & dare to live it. 

Courageously you

When you make the decision to live your life your way, the world around you becomes a radically better place.

Walk the edge with us

You have an edge that sets you apart. Embrace it. Nurture it.  Let the world know you don't live by it's rules. You set your own. 

Blog posts

Radical Self Love!

To achieve what you want, from life, as opposed to what others expect of you, you need to embrace what is inside, bef...


1173 Dundas St. East
Toronto, ON Canada 
(416) 881-4522

We serve and inform those who choose not to trade authenticity for approval. We represent those who boldly go.

The journey that is life requires courage, strength and attitude. It requires us to show up every day and be authentic in everything we do. What we say, our actions towards others. 

Our 'radical' hand sign insignia also symbolizes "I love you" in sign language. We like to say it is the symbol of Radical Self Love. It ties all of what CitizenRad stands for into one simple icon.

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