Super Power your Shopping POWer. Be rad.

Shop & give

How we do it

As moms we have a lot of moments in our children's lives that we need to go shopping for.  Make those moments meaningful! Whatever you spend, we will give you back 10% to direct to the charity of your choice at checkout. 

easy, transparent, rad.

here's the deal

You've got the power

Growing up we all wanted to have a superpower. Now you do! You have purchasing power, and it's huge.  Use your power for good. #ShopWithPurpose

Giving Made Easy

Giving should be on your terms. It should be easy. It should be rewarding.  When we marry our love of shopping with our desire to be charitable, life gets Rad!

Blissful Shopping

We offer cool products that help you check off your list of 'to-do' and seamlessly send 10% cash back to the charity of your choice. No fees to the charity, no extra cost to you, pure transparent bliss.