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Our Story | What Makes Us Rad?

No stranger to big ass mistakes, questioning her purpose, epiphanies in both her personal and business life, our founder is all about left turns, challenging the norms and having courageous conversations. F*cking up, learning, laughing and trying again. Never giving up, never conforming, never compromising in a way that lessens who you are to please someone else.

That's authentic living. Having the confidence to be bold, and to boldly go. The journey that is life is never a smooth path for anyone. It requires courage, strength and attitude. It requires us to show up every day and have the courage to walk that edge. To have a vision that is our  own. To believe in what makes us unique. To be authentic in everything we do. What we say, our actions towards others. All these things define who we really are. 

And we want you to share your big bold life with us and the C/R community. 

We all share the philosophy that life is best lived when lived in a radically authentic way.


At CitizenRad we don't conform or live to be mediocre. We don't trade authenticity for approval. 

CitizenRad. It's your little reminder of what makes you who you are. Of where you have been. Of what you love about yourself.  Maybe it holds a token of what someone else loves about you. 

Whatever CitizenRad signifies to you, it should remind you to show up everyday and be your most authentic self.  

Our values: Authenticity. Freedom. Uniqueness.

Our tags: #boldstories #authenticliving #commoncourage #boldlygo #free2be #walktheedge #genderneutral  

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