A RAD Story

Our mission is simple.  Marry our love of shopping with our desire for helping others.

CitizenRad is the story of a busy mom, named Robyn, who is just like you. She saw an opportunity to turn our purchasing power into positive social impact. She heard stories from friends that reflected her own thoughts - retailers need to give more, not ask the consumer to give for them. 

She saw an opportunity to support our schools and charitable organizations without having to buy or sell products she really didn’t want or actually need. More than that, she thought, what if we can provide cool and curated products to meet the busy family's key shopping times and use our shopping dollars to generate charitable donations.  Rad thought...right!? 


What's up with the name you ask?!

Robyn grew up in the 80’s.  Life was rad back then. And we are more than individuals, we are citizens of our world, supporting those who need our help. Citizen + Rad means improving our options for charitable giving and making one of our fave pastimes, shopping, a truly rewarding experience for all.

Charities and schools will continue to need funding support to keep doing their good work.  We  know that it can get frustrating to be asked to buy or sell goodies that we and others do not need or want.  We said "there has to be a better option". 

So, here we are. CitizenRad makes it easy to use your purchasing power for social good. For a school this means more support for our teachers, better experiences for our students, and relief for our parents. For a charity, it opens a new donations channel to allow supporters to give in a new and mutually beneficial way.

And that’s pretty RAD!