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A Story with Edge

Robyn, our edgy founder, was no stranger to walking on the wild side in her youth...but over the years that edge was was slowly sanded down, pushed into a box by the pressures of our society, the rules we are supposed to live by, the expectations. Until one day, she was given the gift of the words "if you are not living on the edge, you are taking up too much space" and that resonated with her.

It played over and over in her head, she just didn't want to let it go. That statement woke her up and she decided she wanted to be one of those people who lived on the edge, who didn't take up too much space.

She is building the brand that celebrates everyone who chooses not to take up too much space. 

CitizenRad is about showing your edge. Doing your thing. Your way.

We do not live to conform or be mediocre.

The journey that is life is never a smooth path for anyone. It requires courage, strength and attitude. It requires us to show up every day and have the courage to walk that edge. To have a vision that is our own. To believe in what makes us unique. To be authentic in everything we do. What we say, our actions towards others. All these things define who we really are. 

CitizenRad. It's your little reminder of what makes you who you are. Of where you have been. Of what you love about yourself.  Maybe it holds a token of what someone else loves about you. 

Whatever it signifies to you, it should remind you to show up everyday and be your most authentic self.  Take live on the edge.


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